Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Colors of Christmas...

...AR's preschool is at a church. They did a Christmas program called "The Colors of Christmas." We've been listening to the CD in my car for the past month! On Saturday, we had rehearsal! This is at the end of practice and she was pretty stoked because she got fruit snacks.

I was really concerned because when we arrived, the director told us to take off our shoes. AR refused and started hanging on me so I thought she wasn't going to go. Luckily, the little boy in front of us helped to coax AR to take off her shoes and she went on stage no problem.

I have no idea who the girl is beside her, but love her! She was helping AR to stand/sit when it was time. They were holding hands part of the time and then the little girl started playing with AR's hair. Adorable!

AND...AR gets to hold a snowflake!!! She even licked it to mark her territory!

She found me!

Aside from being distracted and her back to the audience majority of the show, she did pretty good. Here she is holding her snowflake! I was so happy she was paying attention and held it up at the right time.

And this is what she did majority of the time...shake her booty! Oh, and once she spotted me in the audience, she would point and say, "Hi Mommy!" then turn to the teacher and point me out to her.

After the program, the kids got to have a birthday party for Jesus. Well done, everyone!

Found more pics, had to crop to her and they're adorable!

Dancing almost the whole time!

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