Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014: Hfield Style...

...OMG! Christmas was sooo awesome this year! We just had such a great time visiting with our families and AR was so into EVERYTHING!!! On 12/23, we arrived at my dad's house. AR was bummed that her step-uncles weren't there but the neighbor boy from across the street came over with his parents. The two of them played Xbox with AR running from the bedroom to the living room saying, "I'm watching the boy play!" Then he actually let her play some NBA basketball game, what a sweetie!

After a horrible night of sleep for AR, Daddy, and me, AR and I joined my sister on the couch at 5AM and finally at 6, my sis told me to go back to bed so I at least got an hour of sleep! Once I was up, it was busy, busy, busy! We had presents to finish wrapping, dinner to cook, and errands to run.

Our grandma makes the best dirt cake! We didn't eat until 4 and then got on the road shortly there after so I was totally bummed that I only got one helping of dirt cake. :-(

We opened presents, Papa was pretty stoked about his swim trunks! Perfect for their honeymoon to "Canada."

Daddy got a pair of binoculars that AR had to try out.

AR loved opening presents and did a pretty good job waiting her turn to open. She "opened" most of her presents because she would fall on them and the paper would rip-lol!

Grandma TT got her this adorable shirt and Aunt Sha the boots. The shirt was a 4 but fit just perfect so we wore it both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

AR also liked helping other people opening their presents.

I also got my dad this Carthart and he loved it! Butchie got TT this apron. What do you think those things are on the apron? Everyone swore they were hamburgers and I was like, no they're macaroons! Luckily, I have my new smartphone so I asked Siri and proved my point!

Our step-brothers couldn't be there but they left my sis and I a present...

These awesome UnderArmor hoodies!!! Luckily, they follow us on IG so we posted a pic to show them how awesome we look in them.

So a few weeks ago, we found out that my grandma has a spot on her lung that is probably cancerous. It was really hard for our whole family to swallow that fact. So far, she's had 2/3 tests come back benign and one inconclusive so now we just wait. In the meantime, we all have faith and she's going to fight it!

After our indoor pic, we decided to head outside to get a pic on the Polaris. Unfortunately it had started raining so that's what the spots are on the pic, but I absolutely LOVE this. Everyone is looking at the camera, smiling, and I just love, love, LOVE it!!!

Another Christmas in the books and another great family celebration!

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COME ON BABY said...

Alyssa!!!!! Look at your BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY baby girl. She's growing so quickly. Just thinking of the blogging world and checking in. Looks like you and your family are well. Cheers. XOXOX