Saturday, December 6, 2014

Santa at the Fire Station!!!

...Today we had a BUSY day! First, we had breakfast with the Brink family. I feel like I haven't seen them in AGES! Emma and AR were so excited to see each other. Then we went to her preschool for practice for her Christmas program tomorrow (another post on that!). After practice, we drove by the fire station and O-M-G! The parking lot was FULL, people were parking on side streets and walking so I told AR we'd come back later. So we went grocery shopping and ran some other errands and we STILL waited almost 40 minutes to see Santa. Last year there was like NO ONE there, this year-MADHOUSE! No worries, AR was entertained with Frosty on the big screen and playing/marching with the other kids. I, on the other hand, graded papers :-/

We also toured the fire truck. This should be no surprise that my daughter LOVED it! #likemotherlikedaughter #weheartfirefighters

She got in the driver's seat and insisted that she hook her seatbelt!

Then we got to see Santa. He was FANTASTIC!!!

The two of them chatted about carrots and baby dolls like they were besties.

And of course, she was super excited to get her candy cane!

Thank you Station #2 for putting this together! It was great and I love how intimate it is, they have a great system set up.

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Cecilia said...

Those boots!! So stinking cute. I need to get to a Santa with the younger boy soon before it gets too crazy.