Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baby Hattie's Birthday Party!!!

...Today we headed over to the Faust Park Carousel for Baby Hattie's birthday party!!! AR was so excited about this, asking all day if it was time to go yet and then while we were there, asking if Baby Hattie would play with her. AR loved riding the carousel, especially the deer one (real antlers!)-Daddy is proud of her!

Cheeseburger for the camera!

AR found a new bestie with Ms. Merri! I love this smile of hers.

And she was excited to see her friend, Eleanor!

Even MORE excited for a cupcake (and fruit and Chex Mix!)

She loved watching Baby Hattie eat her cupcake and would run back to me, giving me updates!

See, I was there, too!!! Here's proof in the mirror!

Oh the warm sun on a chilly January day!

Overall, she had a blast!!! Happy birthday, Hattie!!! Thanks for letting us share in your celebration!

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