Monday, January 12, 2015

#Cakehunting Quotes and the Final Cakes!!!

...We did it! We found all 250+ cakes! It was a long journey and I'm glad it's over but I will miss it. We've already found out scavenger hunts around the US that we're going to be roadtripping for. Here are some of the best #cakehunting quotes and most frequent conversations we had.

Sha: Is this photo enforced?
Me: I don't know but stop. Don't be running that in my car!
*Someone spots a cake* Do we have this one yet?
H: I am so done.
Comment made after running from the Arch to the Edward Jones Dome.
The cold never bothered me anyway!~Frozen
What number is this?
Followed by: What's the name again? How do you spell it?
AR: Cake!!! Out, Mommy!
...finish each other's sandwiches!
That's what I was going to say. ~Frozen
Haley and I singing this to each other along with the movie.
H: When are we stopping for lunch?
Me: Are you hungry?
AR: Mommy, hand!
In which I have to hold her hand from the front seat. Sweet but man oh man I hate when my hand falls asleep.
Me: The Internet isn't working.
Sha: Well it says you're connected!
Delete that picture!
Sha/H: What's that crowd of people doing over there?
Me: Um...waiting to eat.
AR: I wanna watch Froze!
I've been listening to the radio all night long!~Luke Bryan
I wanted to hear this song so H downloaded it and we listened to it on repeat. Now every time it comes on the radio, I call and leave her a voicemail of me singing it.
Me: I think I have adult cognizant dyslexia.
Sha: Me too, it must be hereditary.
This is a totally fictional disease that we self-diagnosed.
Does Angie have this one yet?
Text Lisa and ask where this one is.
What's this place? Does it have a cake?
Asked about any building/church that is big, has columns, can be seen from a block away.
No cake? Well it should have one!
What were we talking about?
Oh and so much more!!! If you didn't go #cakehunting at least once then you're missing out!

Cake #252 Franklin County Courthouse

Cake #253 Youthbridge

Cake #254
This was the protype cake.

Cake #255
This was the very last cake that was unveiled on New Year's Eve at First Night. It will be on display at the History Museum.

Cake #256
And the very last (and blurry) cake...the roaming Rocky and Bullwinkle cake!!! AR was over it at this point.

So happy 250th birthday, St. Louis! We had a great time partying with you!!!


Joanna Daniel said...

Wow good job! Think of all the free time you'll have now :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Congrats - so glad you got all of them!