Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Think About You by K.S. Thomas...

...Ever since I started writing, I've kind of slacked on this blog, mainly just doing product reviews and doing quick picture recaps of fun events, holidays, and such. My author blog is where I post most of my book reviews these days but I started thinking about it and feeling guilty because I'm not sharing these awesome books I'm reading with you! So, I'm going to do my best to post book reviews here. Luckily, the first one is by an author that I absolutely LOVE and you'll probably end up seeing a lot of my reviews on her books. So here goes, I Think About You by K.S. Thomas!

One's dream can be a funny thing. A collection of random thoughts. A compilation of your deepest fears and desires. A sign? 

Most days, Marissa leaves dream interpretation to the psychologists and psychics, but when her subconscious churns out a vision of her first love so real it jars her from her sleep, she can't help but wish she knew what it meant. Or at the very least, what the lingering feelings still present long after she's awake, mean. 

Drew isn't looking for signs. Mostly, he's just trying to avoid them. Like the street sign that marks the turn to her old house. Or the stop sign at the edge of town, reminding him where he belongs and what else is out there. Her. Marissa. She's out there. But that doesn't matter anymore. 

This is a sweet story about first loves being reunited. I totally related to Marissa and the life of a mom of a toddler. I love that she put her daughter first but that didn't stop her from finding her own happiness. I loved Drew-hot, sexy country boy, what's not to like? This story makes you realize that you should speak your heart and not hide your true feelings.

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