Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cousinly Love...

...The Tuesday before New Year's was my last day off work after a week of vacation. AR and I spent the day with H and Sha. First stop Target, second stop McAllister's-yum!!! Can you FEEL the love here?

Nothing like your favorite cousin, a cosmic brownie, and a monkey before bedtime!

My sister watched AR while I went to work on New Year's Eve. The next morning, AR and H had popsicles for breakfast (AR had a sore throat, more to come on that!). AR spent the rest of the morning checking on Champ.

They all went to lunch at Chili's. This was AR after she announced she was done eating. Love the legs crossed!

The girls had a great day together (despite the first picture!). I'm so glad that we live close together so we get to hang out with them!

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