Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time with My Girl...

...It was a nice long weekend! I had a book signing in Cape (more on that later) and then I was off on Monday with AR. Sunday we woke up at my dad's who cooked us a delicious breakfast!

My stepbro and I went from being the oldest (him) and youngest (me) to the middle kids so we snapped a pic so no one would forget about us since we're #middlekids.

Then on Monday, AR actually slept in...almost until 8! It was glorious! When she woke up, we played Candyland... I'm a little OCD to play with a two-year-old but hey, we had a good time. Then she insisted on wearing her flip flops... it was pretty nice out. Later in the day, I painted her nails and toenails. In return, she painted one of my feet...and most of the toes too!

We made a Fruit Loop birdfeeder. Despite yelling at the birds to come eat, they didn't and she was bummed, but she didn't mind polishing off the leftovers.

Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

After Candyland and birdfeeders, we ran a few errands. On our way home, we passed Barnes & Noble, her favorite hangout. She requested we stop "for just a little bit" and I agreed. After this video, I'm so glad we did! #lovemyAR

Sure, I get to spend most weekends with my girl, but there's just something about spending a weekday with her. Maybe because it's a special day so I try to plan more fun things for us to do. Maybe it's because I get some extra love and cuddles. Or maybe it's because I see what I'm missing out on. It's always tough to go back to work after a long weekend, but it's even harder when I've spent that free day with my girl. We make the best of it though and on Monday, we finished our day with ice cream sandwiches. It doesn't get much better than this...

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Cecilia said...

Those darn birds! Don't they know how stinking cute she is?? She's adorable.