Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daddy~Daughter Dance 2014!!!

...This past Saturday, Matt and AR attended their very first Daddy~Daughter Dance. I've ran this event for many years, actually until AR was born then I switched positions at work and am no longer in charge of this one. I couldn't wait for the two of them to go because it's such a sweet event!

Anyway, the two of them got dressed up and then I took pics like a real prom date.

AR's been talking about this for weeks-she was soooo excited! She kept asking me to go and I told her it was the Daddy~Daughter Dance, not Mommy-Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Kisses for Daddy! And check out that braid, did it myself!

This picture can be captioned as: "Bye, Mommy!" ~AR "Stop taking pictures." ~Matt

I did go up to the dance toward the end to take pictures and help clean up. My plan was to stay hidden except that the two of them were right by the front doors so she saw me right away. Of course then she wanted nothing to do with Matt so he took her home while I stayed and worked. Then this morning, AR told me she had a good time and that daddy said I ruined the party. :-/ So yeah, I was pretty crushed by that comment. Anyway, bottom line, AR had a great time! She loved the crown she made and insisted on wearing it for breakfast.

Happy Valentine's Day and here's to many more Daddy~Daughter dances...and Mommy not ruining them! 

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