Sunday, February 22, 2015

LU Gymnastics Fun!!!

...Today, AR, H, my sis, and I went to the LU gymnastics meet, just one of the perks of teaching there! I didn't know what AR would think but as soon as we walked in, she was super into all the gymnasts and awed by everything they did.

Then the lion made an appearance and she was constantly worried where he was. Obviously from this picture, you can tell she's not so sure about him. She liked him for the most part until he sat in the row in front of us then leaned back and she hid between my legs. Then when he turned around, he got within a few inches of her face and she screamed, "NO!!!"

One of my students was one of the gymnasts and got second overall! AR cheered for her all afternoon.

She loved the atmosphere and was mocking everything the girls did during their routines in her seat. Not to mention she was a dancing machine!!!

Here's a beam routine. Seriously, this girls are amazing athletes and those arm muscles-wow! Very impressive!

After every LU gymnast would finish, AR would hold up her sign that read TEN!

We all had a great time and LU brought home the win! Congrats ladies!

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