Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying My Hand at Coupons...'s tough! My sister and her SIL have gotten into the website She lists local stores and the specials that have going on. Then she'll tell you which coupons you can use and what the final bill should be. She even has links to printable coupons. This week, K-Mart is doubling and tripling coupons!?!

I decided to go try my hand at this couponing thing but seriously, it is like an art!!! However, most of the items were all sold out. Here's a recap of my trip to K-Mart, I didn't do great but I did save $10!!!

Okay, let's try this again. I bought:

Sure Deo 4.29
Beggin' Strips 4.49
Pledge 4.29
V8 Juice 3.29

With doubling, I saved $10. Based off stlmommy, the total should have been $1.87

Where I errored:

Sure-first off, I didn't have the 75 cents coupon she listed on her site (but I didn't factor that into that total) and I guess I must have grabbed the wrong size because stlmommy has it listed as $2.29

Beggin' Strips-The coupon was for the 5 oz bag which they were sold out. A regular 5 oz bag cost $2.79, after couponing, I paid $2.49 for double the size so I'm happy with this purchase.

Pledge-did correctly!!!

V8 Juice-I ended up paying 1.29 for it because I used a $1 off instead of $2 off or the lady typed it in wrong.

Again, it was the first time I did this coupon thing so I think I did pretty well, just need to pay attention to the sizes better. Good coupon tip of the day-look at the first few numbers on the barcode on the coupon, then look at the first few numbers on the barcode. If they match then you can use it! For example, the coupon I had was for Pledge Multi-Surface but they were sold out. Since the barcodes matched, I was able to still use the coupon for a regular bottle of Pledge. Like I said this thing is an art that I'm working on, I think the key is holding on to your coupons until the items go on sale. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I'll have a good buy and I'll post my findings. Cecilia does a great job of couponing especially at Walgreen's.


LucyinStLou said...

There is a real art to couponing. I always mean well, but often forget to hand it to the clerk/grab the wrong size/let them expire. I'm really trying to improve though!

Cecilia said...

YAY!!! Hey, don't be down. You at least attempted! Once you get the hang of it, it will be like second nature to ya. If a blog has a price listed for an item and my store doesn't have the same price, I will have them do a price check. For some reason, a lot of stores down here in the sticks do not run the same deals as the city folk. I don't know why. Keep up the good work!!!

Heidi said...

OOh, I love couponing too. It's a little hard for me to do often because I have a 13 mo old. Shopping is hard as it is with a little one. Some other good sites are:

The Walgreens deals are the best! When they had the Huggies diaper deal last month, I went crazy and stocked up with 15 packs. My husband thought I was nuts!!!

Boyd Team said...

This KMart doubles event was my first time attempting it too. I did pretty well but messed up a little the first day. I just went back and had them correct it and I was refunded the purchase price + coupon price. That was nice!

I have been going almost every day since it started and 2 days after the sale they were almost completely restocked.

My favorite coupons? The ones that read "Off ANY such and such product" because matching sizes drives me crazy too.

I think you did a great job and keep at it!