Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Weekend at the Farm...

...sorry this post is so late but we had another weekend at the farm and it wore me out! You'll be able to see from all the pictures. It was a long weekend of family, sweat bees, swimming and hot hot humidity!!!

Matt and his cousins (there are four who are brothers and sisters and are in grades 12, 10, 9, and 8!!!) decided to go swimming in one of the ponds. Not me though, if I can't see my feet then I don't get in! The black head is Shadow swimming out to Matt.

Matt, cousin Katherine and I went on a long walk to lose the calories from dinner (there was so much food and it was all soooo good). Walk was a good idea but forgetting bug spray...not so much. I literally have like 50+ ciggar bites and its no fun.

The only time Emma swam was when Matt and I rowed out in a little boat and then she swam to us. Of course, Shadow got there first and tried to get in the boat...not such a good idea but thankfully, we only rocked and did not tip.

Emma was so tired that she was sleeping with her head up!

She was also the smart doggie that found the one place in the pond that she could lay down and still be in the water. She's so funny sometimes!

I caught another catfish with gummy bears!!! I dare someone to laugh at my gummy bear idea because it works time and time again!

Aside from a ton of leftovers (Matt is loving his lunches this week). We brought home a fresh home-grown cantaloupe and more blackberries. I'm spending tomorrow night at my sister's (I have to take Haley to school on Friday) so I plan on making him the blackberry cobbler tomorrow night since I'll be gone. Nothing exciting to look forward to this weekend, we both are working our second jobs. I can't wait for Labor Day weekend though-I'm going to Cape to just chillax!!!


Cecilia said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! I need family to go buy land some where so I can visit them in the country. LOL. I will definitely try the gummy bears next time I go fishing. Shoot. I can't do any worse. LOL.

Angie said...

Ugh chigger bites sounds hellacious. Bleh. But how crazy that you catch fish with gummy bears! How did you think of that?

Kevin and Katie said...

What is your second job?