Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Paula!!!

...I love me my Paula Dean! I was watching her show the other day and saw her and Bubba making this Squash Casserole that looked to die for! So I decided I would try it out for dinner tonight but first I called Matt and asked him to bring home an onion from the nursery. Here's what he brought home:

Can you believe the size of that thing!?! It was HUGE! I only used a quarter of it!!! It's almost bigger than a coffee mug (side note: this is a coffee mug that Haley made Matt-its supposed to be camo; the green and brown dots are her thumbprints).

Here is a picture of the squash frying:

I totally meant to take a picture of the finished product smelled so good that we dug right into it and ate almost all! And in true Paula Dean style it was cheesy, delicious and totally bad for you! So Matt and I are off to take a walk...but yum yum yum!!!


Cecilia said...

Yummo! Sounds delish. The mug Haley made is super cute!

Angie said...

I LOVE Paula Deen! We ate at her restaurant in Savannah and damn was it good. I have a signed copy of her cook book too. Luves all her shiz.

Heidi said...

That onion is HUGE! I think it's funny that it was so good that you forgot to take a pic of it!! :>)