Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love a good bargain!!!

...I rarely shop, seriously, I go on like 2 or 3 trips to Old Navy or Kohl's every year and spend less than $100 for both of us. Today I had a calling, something pulling me to Old Navy so since I got off work early, I headed that way and here's what I made it home with:

Yes, that's five items. Here let me detail them for you along with their super expensive prices:

Jeans for Matt $4.49
Jeans for Matt $7.49
Dress shirt for Matt $7.49
Plaid shorts for me $6.99
Peach shorts for me $2.49
TOTAL with tax: $31.24

When the cashier said the total, I could feel the smile tugging at my cheeks!!! My rule when I go shopping is that if I buy something for myself then I have to buy something for Matt. Plus I figured now was a good time to check things out since it was the end of season (why jeans were on sale-I have no idea) and in the next couple of weekends, I've told myself that I'm going through the closets...again.

The only bad thing about this purchase, which how bad can it be when I got it all for less than $32 bucks, is that I couldn't find tops to match the shorts so I won't be wearing them right away. What color(s) do you think would like good with the peach (in case you can't tell in the pic, they are more orangey than pink)? Please help me out on that one!


Heidi said...

For those peach shorts...a navy top would be Sooo cute!

Awesome deals!

Cecilia said...

I have no fashion advice for you. Sorry! Great deals though!!!

Angie said...

Obvi white, or cream, or how about something khaki?
What a great deal you got!!!! $5 for jeans? Insane!