Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Lung Association Trivia Night...

...Saturday night my Master the Met, Stairway to Heaving, hosted a Trivia Night to raise money for the American Lung Association! WHEW! Trivia nights are hard work!!! I used to go to trivia nights and think, oh I could do this-it would be easy. Now that I've done one I realized that boy was I wrong!!!

First things first, we had beer donated from O'Fallon Brewery. Matt picked them up on Friday for me and Saturday morning we set them up in the snow outside the house to chill. He's such an outside-the-box thinker sometimes!
Yah!!! Thank you bloggy friends for coming out and supporting me!!! Bloggy friends include Aimee, Maggie, Cece, Jen and their respective spouses.
My husband was in charge of the beer. He made $43 in tips (all went to ALA) and he was a talker. As you can see here, he wouldn't even stop talking to take the picture as Amy's hand motions indicate!
Here are the registration girls with the money we raised. At the end of the night, we raised $3,923!!! How awesome is that!!!
We also did a "Wheelbarrow of Cheer." Each teammate donated some type of alcohol and we stored it all in the wheelbarrow. You could buy raffle tickets to win a chance. The tickets cost $20 for your wingspan....fingertip to fingertip. My friend's fiance, Chris, won!!! He was so excited and really he just wanted the wheelbarrow!
So overall, I would say successful night for American Lung Association. I did spend the last part of my evening digging through the trash with my boss, councilman and mayor looking for the mayor's wife's checkbook she accidentally threw away. Winner, winner! I was the lucky one to find it!!! Whew-it was a fun event but I'm glad it's over, I'm exhausted! Now I have to focus on running my stairs so I can beat last year's time. We're looking for more teammates so feel free to join our team!!!


Jennelle said...

Oh, man!! I meant to try and get a table for this...and you even sent me a FB message. :S But my FB messages all got erased when I downloaded the new version of FB for my Blackberry and I completely forgot!!!

I'm glad you guys had a successful night!

Teenage Bride said...

woohoo! Way to go with outside the box thinking hahaha

Jen said...

We had a blast! Thanks for inviting us!

Julie said...

Looks like fun - I wish we could do more trivia nights!

Adie said...

Looks like you did an amazing job! Congratulations. We put the keg for our wedding reception in a big snow mound. We are classy like that. :) but you knew that.