Thursday, January 20, 2011

"You Have a Direct Line!?!"

...yeah, my hubs just realized after 4 years of being together that I have a direct line at work. Here's the story...

Last Thursday, I was trying to call my work and no one was picking up, not even the "operator" (you know the automated message). Our convo that followed:

Hubs: Yeah, that happens all the time.
Me: Really?
Hubs: Yeah, that's why I'm never calling you at work again. I'll just call your cell. It's ridiculous I have to talk to three different people to get through to you.
Me: Why don't you just call my direct line?
Hubs (with big eyes of disbelief): WHAT?! You have a direct line!!! That would have been useful to know...FOUR YEARS AGO!!!

Opps! I guess I just assumed he knew I did. Guess I need to go reprogram his phone!


Julie said...

Don't those moments just make you smile? :)

from C to C said...

Yeah I have my direct line stored in his phone but he still just calls the main line back since that is what shows up as the missed/last call.

Adie said...

This is so funny! I was trying to think when this would pop up in conversation. And I could not think of another time. You would think one of the three people would have noticed he was calling your direct line and maybe mention it to him. Just a thought.

Alicia said...

That funny! My husband was actually confused also. He asked me this week when I went back to work (tears) if my # was still the same.

Looking forward to reading through your blog :) I took a long break while I was home to enjoy every second with my baby girl.

Teenage Bride said...

oh the things we learn lol

Cecilia said...

LMAO. Flipping hilarious. This sounds like a conversation my hubby and I would have.