Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rosalita's Catina...

...right before Christmas, I ordered a deck of cards for $18. WHAT?!? Well, it wasn't your typical deck of cards. It was a deck with 56 cards to 56 different restaurants around the St. Louis area. Each card was for $10 off a purchase of $25. Check it out here if you're interested. I figured it we used it three times then we'd get our money back, right? Some of the places were restaurants we've visited before and frequently, others were ones I'd never heard of so I figured it would give us a reason to try out a new place, right?

This past Sunday, we headed down to America's Center for a landscaping exhibit. I know it doesn't sound fun but Matt's boss invited him AND me, and his wife and daughter and granddaughter went so I was pretty excited to get the invite. This was kind of like the first "real" time I've been invited to Matt's work stuff. Anyways, since we were downtown, I suggested that we use one of the cards on a new restaurant. Our choice was Rosalita's Catina:

So Matt ordered a beer ($5 which doesn't go towards the $25) and a burrito ($10). I ordered chicken tacos ($9) which only totaled us to $19. So even though I though it was ABSURD to pay $9.50 for cheese dip, we went ahead and ordered it so we'd be over $25. I must admit the $9.50 cheese dip was pretty fab!!! It was cheese dip with chunks of steak in it and sour cream and guacamole on top-yum!!! My tacos, well first they came out with beef, so they had to be exchanged but I thought the chicken and beef were mediocre, definitely not worth $9...they were pretty small to for that price. Matt only ate about half his because it was SO HUGE!!! We both agreed that it was good but nothing that we'd be like, "Let's drive all the way downtown for that!" Our bill after the coupon and with tax ended up being like $31. The cheese dip alone was worth blowing my diet for the day though!

It was sooo cold, I didn't have a coat on but it was Matt that was complaining how cold it was when we walked the three blocks back to the truck. How funny is that!!! As we got back to the parking lot, there were no attendants around. Matt was like, I think we got scammed and that's when I said, no-there they are. Here's a picture of the two parking attendants, sleeping in their car!!! If you look closely, the guy on the right has his mouth open!

So there's my restaurant review and a pic of our parking attendants!!! It was actually a pretty fun day and good quality time with hubs!


Jennelle said...

That picture of the attendants is HILARIOUS!!

I'm glad you liked the restaurant! My heart belongs to our local Mexican restaurant, El Agave. Mmmmm!

COME ON BABY said...

Love the lot dudes. Do they have their seat belts on????? Funny.

Teenage Bride said...

HAHAHAHAHA thanks for the laugh.

Quality time with the hubs is alwasy so fun!

Sarah said...

I got a deck of those cards for Christmas! I haven't used them yet, but I was soooo excited! I keep thinking I should post it.

stina said...

I love Rosalita's - I can't wait to go back there to have a margarita! They're supposed to be really good. I've heard that they're known for their burrito's and that everything else is just kinda ehh. You weren't far from where I lived when I was an urban dweller:)

Adie said...

That picture is SO funny!! I can't believe you took it.

I saw a girl in Texas that had super blonde hair and had it bumped up by teasing it. Except she sat by the window and the sun was shining through it so you could see through it and see all the teasing. I tried to take a picture and she caught me. :) Opps!

Julie said...

Jen did her best to get me to buy that book, and I really considered it but Keith has a small problem at times branching out from his favorite places to eat. He has promised me we'll try more new places (I got a list going) so we'll see how that goes.

Jen said...

I need to do a blog post about the deck.

We went to Bristol's with our deck tonight. It was fantabulous!!

We'll have to try out that place since we do love some Mexican.

It was funny when I read your post b/c I felt I had heard this story before...I did at 6am on Wednesday...haha.