Friday, January 21, 2011

Yeah, We Got a Little Snow... 8 inches!!! Here's the proof:

That pic was actually taken about 8:30am, by noon we were up to 9 inches. Here's some pics of the snow I got at the house. Snow on the bird feeders:
Snow on the neighbor's car, I guess he's not going anwhere!
Yeah, I also don't think the trashman ever made it either!
FYI-I got the knee of my jeans wet to take these pictures so I hope you appreciate them! I was really shocked we got so much snow, it was so high when you'd scoop the driveway and could see the difference. I feel bad for the furbabies since their hinnies are stuck in snow to go to the bathroom. Matt was supposed to be at 2am to go to work at 3am but he didn't set his alarm so I woke him up at 2:45am saying, "Hey, I think you need to get up, it's 2:45am." He jumped out of bed freaking out!

I slept a few more hours then headed to work. I had to return a DVD at a RedBox and happened to go by the new bakery store that was open. I didn't want them to be open for no reason so I stopped and got some donut holes-yeah, my diet isn't so much working this week! When I got to work, everyone was wearing jeans (when we're really only supposed to wear them on Friday). I shared my thought process of jeans on snow days: If there's a chance I'm going to bust it, I would prefer to be in thick, denim fabric then in my flimsy, thin khakis. All agreed and then everything was right in the world!
I'll be posting some more pics next week, along with how we made snow ice cream! Happy Friday All!


COME ON BABY said...

It's beautiful!!!!

And thank you for getting on your knee's :)

Adie said...

We have hardley gotten any snow this year! It is crazy. Like it has snowed once or twice with little result. Crazy!

Julie said...

I grew up going to Colorado once a year to ski and I love snow but after the day I had in it yesterday I'm kinda ready for it to go away. However I think you area got a lot more than we did, yet we got a good amount.

Angie said...

So tired of winter! Excited to hear about your snow ice cream, so many people have been talking about it. Hopefully no yellow ice cream ;) Oh, and my diet has gone WAY down this week. Not just one day, the ENTIRE week has been bad LOL. Oh well. As Don said on TBL the other day, it's a marathon, not a sprint. I've got plenty more weeks to work on :)