Friday, June 24, 2011

Annual Haley Visit: Take 3...

...for the third year in a row, my niece Haley came to stay with me for a week and go to camp. You can read about last summer here and 2009 here and here and here. We had a VERY active and busy week! I feel like last year, I depended on the TV too much. I feel like we did a good job avoiding that this year though. On Saturday before she came to my house, she learned how to ride her bike and so her bike came with her to my house!

Sunday was Father's Day so after we came home and unpacked, she and I headed to the local paved trail and rode it all the way down and back-TWO MILES!!! Emma and I ran behind here. She did a GREAT JOB! Monday we swam after work, came home and walked Emma. Met up with my friend Stevie for dinner then came home and she rode her bike while Shadow and I walked. Tuesday we stopped by the paved trail again but she only rode a mile and I ran. After a DELICIOUS meal by Uncle Matt, she and Matt rode around the block while Shadow and I walked. Did I mention that we were VERY active?

Wednesday and Thursday were no different. Wednesday we swam after work and she surprised me by showing me that she knew how to do the backstroke. Then we stopped by the paved trail for another mile bike ride/walk. I had a coupon for a free Chick-Fil-A kids meal so I stopped and got her one on the way home. DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The pieces of chicken were teeny tiny! Then we took the dogs on a walk, they are SOOO tired having her here. After dinner and the walk, we made brownies for her counselor who she LOVES and it's a boy! She was a little leary of having a boy counselor at first but she really likes him. She was in charge of sprinkles. Unfortunately, Uncle Matt ate half the pan so we didn't take them. :(
Here's Shadow smelling her hand for a treat before giving her "five."
Emma's passed out on her while she watches some A.N.T. Farm...I've had my fair share of Disney this week.
She went in my closet and tried on my red heels. Then she told me, "I can totally rock these!"
On Thursday at camp, we had two Olympic athletes come visit us. They brought these leftover kid medals from the Olympic games in ATL in 1996. The kids thought it was pretty cool.
Here we are on our final dog walk on Thursday night!
It was a good time and we were two busy ladies!!! I'm already looking forward to next year, she always makes work less stressful and the week go by faster. Thanks for coming H!


Slamdunk said...

Your a great Aunt and I a sure she has a blast. Looks like your dogs may need some extra sleep though,

Jacklyn said...

Aw, it sounds like you ladies had such a great time! What a great tradition.

Stephany said...

How fun! I bet she had such a blast with you. :)