Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Tidbits...

...hmmm, I'm not sure I have too many tidbits but I'll try!

*Bachelorette party this weekend and I borrowed a SUPER cute dress from Jen! I can't wait to wear it and I just hope I don't sweat too much in it because it's at the winery...will post next week with pics-hopefully!

*Biggest Winner ends next week! I feel like I rocked it in the beginning, leveled out in the middle and did pretty decent the last couple weeks. Full report on that in the upcoming week!

*When we took Matt to the ER back in May, we got transferred from one hospital to the other. They are now wanting us to pay the $300 co-pay at each...ugh-$600 for six hours! I have a phone call in to the hospital in hopes that we might only have to pay one. It's a slim chance but cross your fingers for us!

*I have to work Fourth of July...walking in the local parade. I'm kind of excited about it even though it will be eleventybillion degrees, hopefully I'll get some sun!!! What are your Fourth of July plans?

I think that's all for now...what are your random tidbits?


Adie said...

Love your tidbits. So jealous you are going to a winery! And I for sure hope you only have to pay 1 copay - that is ridiculous!!!

Julie said...

We have 3 4th of July parties, one each day of that weekend and I hope to see your pretty face at the one on that Sunday :)

Angie said...

Are you going to Q's Saturday?