Wednesday, June 29, 2011

World Bird Sanctuary... I posted last Friday, my neice Haley stayed with me and went to camp. On Friday, we decided to treat ourselves and went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast-yum! Here we are waiting on our food:
Then we went to camp and I tagged along on the field trip to the World Bird Sanctuary. It was pretty cool and we got to see a ton of birds and other animals like this armadillo:
This is a turkey vulture. Apparently, they fend off coyotes and stuff by barfing on them-eww!!! If the puke got on your shirt, it would eat right through it. Look at the wingspan on this baby:
This owl was sooo cute then the naturalist started telling us how it could break a duck's neck, umm...I won't be getting a pet owl any time soon:
EW!!! This is a Colombian boa constrictor! I had the heebie jeebies just seeing this thing:
Overall, it was pretty intersting, I got a TON of pictures and it was nice to be out of the office (did I mention it was a nice, cool, breezy day?). If you're in the STL area, I wouldn't take a youngin' because it's mainly looking around but if you've got an active kid that needs to burn energy, this is the place because they have trails and picnic tables and lots and LOTS of birds to see!


LambAround said...

What a fun day! I've never been to Cracker Barrel before and every time I see it mentioned, I think "I should go there".
Love that cute armadillo! :)

Christy said...

How cool! My youngest is over the moon about owls right now - can't wait to show her your owl picture! By the way, does your niece realize how lucky she is?!

Slamdunk said...

Cool with the turkey vulture. We saw one of those on a backroad here last year (feeding on roadkill), and had to go home to look it up. They are huge in-person.

Angie said...

sweet, thanks for the tip, guess who has a youngin that needs to burn energy!