Friday, June 10, 2011

KC Fun and Randomness...'s finally Friday and the end of the first FULL week of summer day camp! Here's an easy and fun blog post for you to skim through. KC fun from last weekend that is not about the half...

I kind of forced Cece to take this picture against her will but isn't it fab?
Jen was totally up for the pic though!
Friday night I went to dinner with Amy and Anthony (in pic below). They are some friends of mine on DailyMile. Anthony's brother and sister-in-law went to dinner too, both also DM friends. They were fantastic company and wanted around until the end of the race to see me. Love these guys!
For dinner, I went to dinner with some sorority sisters. Here's me, Lauren (my dot) and Candace (my bestie), let's just say the night was...award-winning!
The boys, including Colin, headed to Oklahoma Joe's for dinner. Somehow, Mexican and girl talk didn't appeal to them. Colin was a little meat drunk on the delish dinner they had.
Here's me with Candace's dog Marley. Mar Mar LOVES me...seriously, whenever I come in the house she pees and then she wants me to love on her the whole time I'm there...which, of course, I do!
On the way home, we pulled up to get gas and saw this:
What is it? It's the largest skateboard made by Rob Dyrdek!!! He was not with it but it was still pretty awesome and not something you always see when you pull up to get gas.

Awesome trip but no PB donuts! Guess I'll have to go back again!!! Always a good time and lots of laughs when we're in the KC. Happy Friday all!


Stephany said...

Can I just compliment you on HOW FREAKING SKINNY you look in these photos? You're looking gooooood.

Julie said...

Holy skateboard!!

BTW you're looking good in your photos :)

Hilary Lane said...

I just watched that Fantasy Factory episode!