Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Butchie!!!

...this past Saturday, 9-10-11, was my dad's 58th birthday! He drove up to the STL and my sis, H, Matt and I took him to dinner at Tony Roma's. Tony's is located at the Mills Mall. If you aren't familiar with this mall, it's eh...not the best place to be on a Saturday night (really, what mall is???). As we walked in there was a ton of cops and a huge crowd outside a store. The store had their cage/gate down...uh, not a good sign. I took Haley's hand and we walked briskly through the crowd to get to the restaurant and then my sister yelled at me. She pointed in the store and what do you know, Nelly was in there! I looked at my dad and told him, "Surprise! Your birthday gift is you get to see Nelly!" He said, "Who?" We oogled for about a minute and went on our way.

Now let me tell you that it was about 4:30 so the restaurant was SLOW, like maybe 5 of the 20 tables were full. At most restaurants, your water cup is never empty and you finish dinner feeling like you could float away. Not tonight, she never came around and we had to flag her down to get some water. Anyways, our meal came and I'd ordered a pulled bbq pork sandwich. I dipped a fry in the sauce that was on it to taste and OMG! My mouth was on FIRE!!! No where on the menu did it say a hot, firey sauce was on this little sandwich. It just said Memphis BBQ sauce. I guess it was my bad for not asking but I did ask for another sandwich and I NEVER do that. Matt even tasted the sauce and agreed it was hot, which for him to say means its REALLY hot. He said it had lots of cumin in it. I got the second one sans-sauce.

So dinner, not fab, but Pop got his onion loaf, bbq and got to see his girls so he was happy.

Matt, H and my Pop:

After dinner, we stopped at the shoe store and then the boys wanted to hit up Cabella's. The girls detoured to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Here's my dad with his girls:
He's coming up again this weekend and we're going to hit up a bbq competition and then do a 5k on Sunday. Happy birthday Dad! I love you!


Anonymous said...

sept 10 is a great day! It's your dad's b-day, my grandpa's b-day, and my SIL's b-day!

Julie said...

which bbq competition?

Slamdunk said...

Happy birthday to your dad.

When our oldest was about 5, I encouraged him to try something on my plate that I did not think was hot, but it had horseradish. After gulping all of his water and complaining to his mom (despite my apologies), I am not sure he has trusted me since.