Thursday, September 1, 2011

Velvetta Skillet Dinner Kits...

...I have to share with you this new product out by Velvetta. It's a skillet dinner kit and they're pretty delish. They have Nacho Supreme, a cheesyhamburger one, bbq chicken and a chicken in broccoli. I hadn't even heard of them until I got my coupons this week and saw a coupon for $1 off. I thought I'd cut it out and if they were on sale I'd get one. Well, what do you know? That afternoon I went to Shop-n-Save and they were on sale for $2 so with my coupon I paid $1 for this:

 Photo from here
All you had to do was brown 1 pound of hamburger (of course, at the G house we used deer burger). Then add 2 cups of water and the seasoning, simmer for 9-11 minutes or until water's gone. Then add the salsa and cheese (cheese is like when you make Velvetta shells). It was pretty good but I couldn't taste the salsa very much. Reminded me of Hamburger Helper but with taco meat. For a $1 meal though both Matt and I were pretty pleased. I really want to try the chicken and broccoli one!

Rabbit, rabbit!


Anonymous said...

I've got a few coupons for this, too. I might have a box in the pantry, I don't remember... But, I thought it'd be good for a night when I don't really wanna cook! Just mix it all up and be done! ha! Thanks for the review!

Krystie said...

I used to eat stuff like this allllll the time. But the sodium/calories are too much now, especially for weight watchers. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Velvetta is my fav mac & cheese.