Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy Visit...

...this past weekend, my dad came up to STL again. We had big plans to go to this local BBQ competition and participate in the People's Choice Competition by sampling and voting on our favorite BBQ. It was NOTHING like we were expecting. First off, we had to ride a school bus to be shuttled there which was almost a 20 minute ride. I was about bus sick by the time we finally got there. Then when we arrived, the band couldn't play because everything was so wet and the People's Choice Comp? Yeah, it was just a huge long line, you didn't get to see the people BBQing or anything. Very lame in our book, so we took the 20 minute school bus shuttle ride back to the car and hit up Rib City instead-yum! Here's a pic of my dad riding the school bus:
We toured town, as we always do when he's visiting to show him what's new and exciting in our area then watched a NCIS marathon and turned in early for the Inaugural Hope 4 Tomorrow 5k on Sunday morning. This was part of Runners 4 Luke that I usually run with. Matt and Trent, my running husband, ran and my dad and Matt's mom walked. I did neither because I was supposed to volunteer. However, since it was pouring down rain, I spent the majority of the time trying to stay dry. Here's Matt and Trent tying their shoes before the race, Matt insisted I get his "good side."
The boys before the rain started as you can tell by their smiles.
Matt's mom and my dad-yes, Matt looks just like his momma and I look just like my daddy.
Matt and Trent listening to instructions as the rain starts:
Here come my dad and Star drenched to the bone but finishing up the 5k!
The boys both finished in under 30 minutes. My dad and Star finished in under an hour which was a huge improvement from my dad's time last year. Great job guys especially in that rain! We all warmed up and filled our bellies with a post-race breakfast at IHOP-yum!!!


Slamdunk said...

Bus sick, yes! I still remember that feeling from long commutes to away football games on the yellow banana. Oh those high school days. Yuck.

Glad you all made a tough situation fun.

Adie said...

I am loving the picture of Matts mom and Butchie! Um Matts good side.......not so much ;)