Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Wedding!!!

...this past Saturday, we attended the last wedding of the wedding season. My co-worker Stacey got married! We only attended the reception. She had a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding but since it was a smaller venue, she didn't invite everyone to the ceremony.

I must admit that I thought I looked pretty cute. First time for me in leggings! Too bad I didn't get a full length photo-sorry! Here I am though with my co-worker Paula (R) and my good friend Stevie (L). I'll be in her wedding next April.
Here's the beautiful bride. Her dress had so much detail on it, it was gorgeous! Yes, we are in the bathroom. This was the only time I ran into her!
Have fun on your honeymoon and see ya when you get back!


Slamdunk said...

So that is what the women's bathroom looks like...

Adie said...

Would have loved to see your full outfit! Beautiful dress. Um I have never met someone who went to so many weddings. I don't like the pressure of attending weddings.