Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's All Fun & Games House Party!!!

...I won a House Party for a game night that I hosted this past weekend. Who doesn't love game nights? And now I've got 2 new games to add to my collection: "Quelf" and "Logo."

Apparently, "Quelf" is a pretty crazy "sit on your neighbor's lap" kind of game so we opted to play 2 games of Logo. Marcy won the first and Cece won the second. Basically, each round is a brand and asks 4 questions about their marketing. Some were really easy and others, I had no freakin' clue. Jen, of course, was great at this game and it even prompted a YouTube search of Pampers "Poop There It Is." FYI-I HATE that commerical.

Jen with her thinking jacket on:
Luckily, Matt got home in time to eat all the food we were gorging ourselves on and snap this picture.
It was a fun time and now we all have to get together again to play some "Quelf!" Thanks House Party!!!


Julie said...

It was fun :) The other game sounds fun if we mix females and males, ha.

BTW look over your right shoulder (when you look at the picture it would be your left), are those my fingers behind you because I do not remember having my hand on your shoulder and it looks like I do...ha!!

Slamdunk said...

Sounds fun. And I love Matt's timing--now that is a good husband.

Christy said...

Quelf is a crazy game! We played it as a family and it was nuts! Definitely only play with good friends. :-) (I wrote about it here: )

Adie said...

This sounds like so much fun! We have not dine a game night in forever.