Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nat Gets Married!!!

...a very good friend of mine got married this past Saturday. I've known her since 5th grade, we met at swim team but geez, we'd both freak if anyone saw us in a swimsuit these days! She moved in 7th grade to Indiana and we thought our world was over. I went and visited her in her small town each summer and even went to her high school graduation. Her family is like a second one to me, I was even in her sister's wedding 11 years ago as a candle lighter!

Anyways, it was at Bollinger Mill and she had an absolutely perfect day!!! Here's Matt and my dad going across the covered bridge.
Me and my lovely husband who refused to smile
The beautiful bride and her sister
They handed out fans which I thought was a super cute idea!
Me with my two dates and the Mill in the background
I absolutely LOVE this picture! This is her sister signing the marriage certificate, the bride and groom laughing in the background and in the far left, their mom watching.
Unfortunately, her grandpa was in the hospital and despite every effort, he did not make it. At about 6:15, the wedding party hadn't arrived yet but they said we go ahead and eat. The wedding party didn't show up until about 7:30pm because she and her new hub had stopped by the hospital to see her Grandpa.

My two "dates" weren't very attentive. I went to drop off the gifts and saw them at the bar. Then they came over to me and I was like, "Where's my drink?" Yeah, they didn't get one so I went and get a cranberry/orange juice and the lady was like that's $1. I said, umm...hang on. I didn't have my purse so I was frantically looking for the boys and surprise-they'd both disappeared! I FINALLY found my dad and I was like, I need a dollar! I walked back to the table and I told them they weren't very good dates! LOL!

It was great to see Nat and her family and I wish her all the best! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.


Slamdunk said...

Congrats to your friend, and what a fantastic venue for a wedding.

We have some great covered bridges here--though some are reeling from the recent flooding.

Adie said...

What a beautiful location! I want family photos in a spot like that.