Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap...

...well, Christmas has come and gone in a blink of an eye and I'm still exhausted! I worked right up all last week and even Saturday on Christmas Eve and now I'm enjoying some much needed time off.

Ah! I don't even know where to start but let's start here. On Christmas Day, I was officially 20 weeks pregnant...halfway through! Excited to be halfway there but overwhelmed at all that needs to be done in 20 weeks. Our "big" ultrasound is January 6 but Matt and I have decided NOT to find out the gender. We agreed to not find out but to tell names. I'm waiting until after the u/s to tell names in case he tries to change my mind! We did tell our families the names this weekend with mixed reviews (I'll do a post on that after the 6th).

I did much thinking and realized that I think I turned my infertility blog into my pregnancy blog because I do blog somewhat "annoymously" there and I feel more comfortable writing about the gross things of pregnancy there and posting belly pics. With that being said, here is my 20 week belly shot(and only shot so far!). I couldn't help but post it because of Emma in the background!
Guess she was over us trying to get the "perfect" shot, huh? Anyways, being 20 weeks had to be the BEST present but Santa was still good to me.

After a heated debate of rocking chair vs glider, he realized I would be spending most of the time and he bought me this glider! I was totally shocked and not expecting it at all. He always does a good job in the gift department.
Matt also got me new sheets (which I've been asking for the past 2 years!) and a "gender neutral" baby book (it looks more blue to me though!). His family got me boots and a gift card to the mall. My family got me a World Series hoodie, maternity clothes, some cash flow and the cutest little onesie that says, "Baby G" on it and the G is in camo. The G is for our last name and how the baby has been referred to on my side of the family so far. Matt's dad calls the baby "Butch or Butchette" after my dad...
I got Matt snow camo which he'd asked for, some Mizzou sweatpants, a change jar and socks. We spent all day today buying and exchanging the camo because the pants I got were XL and seriously, we both could have fit into them!
This was our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree we had at our house with a couple presents under it.

We had a very blessed Christmas not just with our gifts but with the food that we ate (and still are!), the family that we spent time with and our safe travels. I hope you all had a great Christmas as well!


Song Sparrow said...

The belly picture with Emma has me laughing out loud! That's hilarious!!!

Hilary Lane said...

What's your other blog? I know you sent it to me before, but I can't find it!

Stephany said...

What a fun Christmas and YAY a belly shot. Love, love, love!

Can you believe NEXT Christmas you will be celebrating it with your BABY?!?! Squeeeee!

Cecilia said...

Poor Emma. Lol. Your baby bump is great! Kudos to Matt for the awesome rocker.