Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Time!!!

...can you believe it's almost Christmas time already? Seriously, where has this year gone!?! I wanted to do a general Christmas post so please, feel free to comment with your thoughts when you're done reading!

Let me be honest when I say that we don't really have any traditions yet! Well, I mean we get stockings at my mom's house and Matt's parents but when, where, how we celebrate is always different. This year is actually the first year, I won't be celebrating Christmas with my dad and that side of the family on Christmas Eve because I drew the short straw and have to work this Saturday. Oh well, at least I got Sunday off but it still counts as a weekend shift so I'm not complaining too much. We're moving that celebration to Monday so we'll still get to see everyone.

Matt and I still don't have a set time that we exchange gifts...usually whenever we can squeeze it in between all the family hopping. Some years we go to midnight service with his parents, some year's (like this year because I won't be able to stay up that late!) we don't. So hopefully, we'll figure all that out soon.

Some traditions that I would like to start next year (or maybe the year after):
*A cake that says, "Happy Birthday Jesus!" I mean after all, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I figure the first few years I'll just make it or get it at the store then when the baby is old enough, he/she can help me decorate it.

*Again, when the baby is old enough, I want him/her to go with me to pick out a "birthday" present for Jesus. I'm thinking it'll either be something we can donate to the church (like the nursery or school rooms) or give to something like Toys For Tots.

I just really want our child to understand that Christmas isn't all about getting presents, Santa and snowmen. Don't get me wrong, we'll still see Santa and I'm sure my family will spoil him/her with presents but I want to try to instill the real meaning. I know this isn't going to be next year or maybe even the year after but when they are old enough.

*I have never been a Christmas tree person but luckily, Matt is. We've only had a tree once since we've been married. I'm hoping that maybe the day after Thanksgiving or a set day that we pick, our family (meaning the three of us) can spend an afternoon putting the tree up together and having a home cooked meal. See Matt and our son/daughter can do the tree and I can cook, just pop in to check on them from time to time but we're all together.

Those are just a few traditions I want to start...I'm sure the list will grow!

Well, I think my shopping is done. I have to double check my gifts and start distributing them all. I'm excited about some gifts I got people and I think/hope they'll like it. I don't feel like I got anything great for Matt. He asked for white camo and that's what I got him. Then a couple weeks later, he started describing what kind he, didn't know there were so many kinds! I'm not even sure what kind I bought so he might have to exchange them.

For me? Everyone always asks me what I want for Christmas and I NEVER know what to say! I asked for a World Series hoodie (my 2006 World Series hoodie has a hole in the armpit!). I always say sheets because I try to think of things I need (i.e. 2 years ago, I got a mailbox and last year, I got a microwave). Of course, this year there's a ton of stuff we could use for the baby room but we haven't started planning it yet so I don't know what to ask for!

In a dream world, I would LOVE a DSLR camera but that's way too much to ask for. I think Matt has in mind to get us smart phones which I have told him, no absolutely not! Not that I don't want one but our expenses are going to be increasing already, we don't need to ADD to that with smart phones. I usually tell Matt not to get me anything but he always does. To be honest, I wouldn't be upset if he didn't. Winter is always a tough time financially around our house with him having a weather related job so I'd really rather him save his money for bills (or to pay off the truck bill!). I'd settle for a foot rub. :)

Let me just say that I'm in awe of people who host holiday dinners at their house! First off, in this house, we will never host a holiday meal because we have NO SPACE. Matt and I usually host summer holidays since we can have additional seating outside. So kudos and good luck to all those hosting!

Now my ideal holiday meal:
Meat: Ribs! Weird, right? But this is tradition in our family. We go to a local store and buy 2 slabs of ribs and they are fantastic! We usually also have either ham or turkey but that hardly gets touched.
Salad: Pasta House salad and/or Broccoli salad (Broccoli salad is made with duh-broccoli, almonds and this yummy dressing! I think my dad calls this St. Louis salad)
Sides: Grandma's homemade macaroni & cheese. green bean casserole (or anything vegetable smothered with cheese!) and rolls (not burnt!)
Dessert: Seriously? I'm not going to be picky about dessert other than NO FRUIT in it! i.e. no apple pie, cherry pie, etc...pumpkin is allowed

So there are my thoughts and what we're doing on Christmas festivities. Let me know what you all do!

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Anonymous said...

Those are nice thoughts on the traditions! I like it! I'm trying to think if we have any holiday traditions. I know at my inlaws house we read a story from The Bible.