Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The H & Me...

…so this week my sister is out of town on business as is her husband so it's just H and me. Minus the 45 minute commute to work and 45 minutes back to her house, there are definitely perks. Let me share with you, the top five reasons it's awesome to stay with my niece:
5. Cash for food!
4. Debit card for gas!
3. Parking in a garage!
2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast & Fruit Roll-Ups in my lunch!
And the number one reason why it's awesome to stay with my niece…
I'm not even kidding with this list! I love parking in a garage and all the yummy foods I wouldn't normally have at home. Luckily, Haley is very easy to get up in the morning and it doesn't take her long to get moving so the mornings have been easy. I will let you know that my sister left us a LONG to-do list each night and with my early bed time, it's hard to get it all done! Don't you worry about Mattie, my sis left an entire pan of lasagna for him (I had a couple pieces) plus I made him Sloppy Joes and the TJ's pizzas we ordered from our friends' son came in so he's all set.
Now snow, please stay away until at least next week!

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