Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All My Bags Are Packed!!!

...and I guess we're ready to go! Still hoping Baby G stays in there for a little bit longer but for the most part, my bags are packed for the hospital, well, as much as they can be.
This is the labor bag which includes such items as my labor outfits (oh-la-la!), toothpaste/brush, headband, ponytail holders, socks, lemon drops, flip flops, the baby book (to get cute little baby feet stamped in it) and behind the baby book is my bound birth plan and other important info such as phone numbers, copy of my driver's license, handouts on labor position, etc...I still need to add in the camera, charger, I-touch and some other items but we use them on a daily basis. Plus massage aids, snacks for Matt and the cocoa butter.
Here are all the bags! L to R: that's post-delivery bag with regular clothes, nursing bras, underwear, socks, etc...still needs toiletries, Matt's stuff, snacks, laptap, chargers, etc...

The orange bag is our diaper backpack which I'm loving so far! This is for Baby G and really I could probably fit all of his/her stuff in one of the other bags but this way it's seperated and easy to find. His/her bag is the only one completely packed! My sister is bringing a pack-up girl outfit.

Then the green bag is the labor bag, you see the list in front of the bags of items still needed in each bag and 2 pillows to take as well. I just have to remember to put some extra pillows on the guestroom bed before we leave!
I hope I don't forget anything but if I do, my mom will be staying at my house so she can bring it to me. What was something you packed that you wouldn't normally think of?


Mrs. Fabulous said...

So exciting that the time is getting close! You have a very thorough list, however, I wouldn't worry too much about "snacks for Matt". I always giggle when I see snacks for husband on lists for the hospital just because almost EVERY hospital offers complimentary beverages and snacks to new Dads and to you! Even non maternity--when Tate was in the hospital for pneumonia last month, there was a mini kitchen on every floor of the hospital for parents to help themselves to soda/coffee/water/juice, sandwiches and snacks.
Ok, hope that helps and can't wait to hear when Baby G arrives. Update us all on twitter?? :)

Liz said...

Wow, you are really prepared aren't you?

I've been using this girl's blog as a guide for my own packing:

Alicia said...

You are so prepared!

A good tip I was given was to mark the page where you want the footprints in the baby book with a paper towel or piece of paper. That way they can get to the page right away since your husband may not know the correct page etc and you will be busy getting stiched up etc. and also so when the footprints are in the book they can leave the paper there so the ink doesn't bleed onto the opposite page. :)

You have everything I used except maybe music. I loved having a CD or so that was relaxing to help during labor and pushing to keep me calm and relaxed.

Can't believe it is almost here, yay!

Krystie said...

I'm curious about your " labor position handouts?" what does that entail?

Things that I was told to bring: Slippers, Rice bags, Your own wash cloth/towel, and water bottle.

Sounds like you're ready to hit the labor train! Can't wait to hear all the dirty details!

Julie said...

It will be here before you know it!