Sunday, April 15, 2012

Showered Part I...

...yesterday was a busy, busy day! I had my friend shower at my house in the morning and the G-Fam shower in the afternoon but first, Matt and I started our day with a quick trip to L&D! I was a bit swollen and "thought" my blood pressure was high. I called the doc who said to head to the hospital which we did. Once we arrived, my BP was totally normal. Moral of the story: don't go to Walgreen's to have your BP checked! Oh well, I would rather known all was okay than assume it was and it wasn't. So I was a bit late to my shower but my mom, Laura and Candace had it all under control. When I got there, my mom said, "This is such a fun bunch of girls!" My reply was, "Of course, that's why they're my friends!"

On Friday night, Matt was sent to get balloons for the shower. He got one pink and one blue one we were going to put on the mailbox. We all woke up on Saturday morning and wouldn't you know that the pink one had deflated...think that's a sign???
Here's my momma with the spread of food...she made monkey bread, my friend Laura made this amazing Pampered Chef egg casserole bake, fruit salad and sherbert punch (YUMMY!!!) and my friend Candace brought my favorite peanut butter donuts all the way from KC!
Here's most of the gals that came, some more trickled in after this picture was taken.
I finally arrived to a FULL HOUSE (I felt so loved!) and used my belly to balance my food on.
This picture cracks me up! I was so excited about diapers, isn't it funny how life changes so much?
This is my step-sister Jo and I with the quilt she made for Baby G.
My mom made FOUR baby quilts!!! One with puppy dogs for me, one for her house, one for my MIL's house and this one that will go in the nursery. If the baby is a girl then she'll trim it in pink.

I have such awesome friends. They all understood and weren't upset about me being late, they showered Baby G with lots of gifts and love and they all ventured out on a rainy day. Thank you everyone for coming out!!!


Liz said...

LOVE those quilts! And those donuts look incredible!

Angie said...

It was a great shower! I love the Clifford Dog I won (and so does my Ginger LOL) Glad you were excited about the diapers. :)