Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Showered Part II...

...after my awesome morning shower, we headed up to church for the G-Fam shower. Matt's aunts, cousin and sister put it on. The food was also amazing and it was great to see both familiar and new faces at this shower. Our one friend is due with her first daughter today, she was having contractions 10 minutes apart and braved it out to the shower. As of Sunday afternoon, baby still hadn't decided to come.

The head table had this for decoration, his aunt made the birds which match the nursery and it's filled with all peanut butter eggs since I'm nesting! I thought this was super cute!
This is Grandma G intent on the word search game everyone was playing.
Yummy Costco cake!!! Lucky for me, leftovers came to my house!
Me with a boy outfit that says, "Mommy's Hunk 2nd in Command" and a girl outfit that says, "My Daddy Rocks"
Matt's aunt made us this AWESOME toy box!!! I sent her a picture of what I wanted and she worked wonders. This is the bottom of the box so you don't get the real effect but she wrote on the bottom, that's why it's flipped over. I'll post another pic once I have toys inside...I just have to clean them first! It's on my never ending to-do list...
And at the end of the day, this is what the nursery looked like! Packed to the brim!!! My mom and stepsis helped me sort and put things away so we'd actually have room for the baby in there.
It was a great day and I think I summed it up at the G-Fam shower by saying, "Matthew and I are truly blessed with this baby and this baby is already blessed to have each of you in his/her life." So many people are excited to meet Baby G!!! Thank you everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

What a lucky baby!!!

Slamdunk said...

I am thinking you are going to need a larger residence for all these neat treasures.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to YOU! Wishing you all the best. I've been reading your posts because I'll need all the advice I can get! When is your due date?