Thursday, April 26, 2012

Showered at Work...

...on Wednesday, my co-workers showered Baby G! S/he is really feeling the love! These people got creative too. Here's an awesome diaper cake one lady made, it's 3 baskets and the top tier has baby wipes. One of the guys at work contributed to the cake too by adding in my favorite Reese's!!!
Amy and Holly made us some delicious sherbert punch! Lime sherbert, Sprite and Hawaiian punch-delicious!
Paula made the cutest diaper bike-LOVE IT! She also made one of my favorite desserts: Fat Man's Delight-yummy!!!
Amanda's mom crocheted Baby G this colorful blanket!
A group of them went in on a gift. Two of the guys didn't know what the girls bought so they were in for a surprise when I opened the gift specially from them and it was nipple shields!!! Luckily, we're all a close group so we got a good laugh out of it.
Seriously, there's like NOTHING left on our registries! The only thing we really need are a couple changing pad covers. We put a video camera on there and have enough gift cards so we're debating whether or not to get it. We need a few around the house items like a trash can (for the "baby's" bathroom because we never had one), ice cube trays (to freeze milk and homemade baby food), etc...
I can honestly say that I'm overwhelmed with all the love that's been shown for Baby G. This little baby already has so many people that are excited to meet him/her! Thank you to everyone whose showered the little guy/gal! We'll be sure to keep you all posted on our new chapter when s/he arrives.


Slamdunk said...

Great that folks have been so generous. You'll definitely put all those gifts to use after the big arrival.

Julie said...

WOW I would say you gotta be showered out by now, ha!