Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Class #4...

...It's been over 2 weeks since our classes ended and I'm just NOW getting to write about this so here goes, sorry for the delay! Again, some of this may not be the nicest things to think about but I'm sharing the knowledge...

The first part of the class we did a review of everything we'd learned, luckily, we all passed! Then we went on to learn about what would happen after birth and touched on some infant care.

*After birth, you will bleed for approximately 4-6 weeks. My response, "So we get 9-10 months of no period and then 4-6 weeks straight?" Our teacher said yes. Again, one of those things that I never remember pregnant women telling me before...

*Involution-uterus shrinking back to normal size; breastfeeding will increase this.

*After you return home, you need to call if you have a fever over 100, bad smell down there, increased uterine pain, heavy bleeding, pain or burning when going to the bathroom.

*Advice: Simplify your life! aka Blogging, FBing, Tweeting may not be a priority.

*Baby blues or post partum depression-if you feel depressed for more than 3 weeks, call your doctor and the doctor will usually see you within 24 hours

*If you are not breastfeeding, you will get your period back within 4-6 weeks. If you are breastfeeding, well it's up to your body when it returns.

*Although right after delivery, you will think that you never want to have sex again, at some point you will so think about family planning.

*Usually okay to walk 10 days after birth but check with doctor for exercise release.

*Start sunglasses early, like even as an infant. Sunglasses aren't just for looking cute, you'll be starting them early on protecting their eyes and they won't fight it later when you want them to wear them.

*Stork bite-birth mark on neck or forehead.

*Milia-clogged sweat glands like baby acne.

*Babies focus best 8-14 inches away and on bright colors.

*Babies can recognize scent and taste. They love to feel your skin and hear your voice.

*Within 24 hours, a screening will be given to your baby. This is required by the state of Missouri.

*Set your water heater to 120.

*If baby has tummy issues, move clockwise on tummy.

*Newborns eat 8-12 times/ day.

*Hunger signs: sucking motions, movements/sounds, turns toward breast, hands to mouth. Crying is a LATE sign of hunger!

*Breastfeeding lowers the risk for obesity. Completely drain one breast before moving on to the next.

*You can start pumping 2-3 weeks after birth and can introduce a bottle.

*They will have breastmilk only for 6 months then you can introduce cereal and other food. Recommended to add new foods every 3 days starting with veggies then fruit. At 9 months, introduct meat, whole cow's milk at 1 year old and skim milk at 2 years old.

And that my friends is all the knowledge I gained in our 4 classes. I know there's a LOT more to learn. I'm wanting to take a breastfeeding class before Baby G arrives but just haven't had time to get signed up. If I do, I'll be sure to share that knowledge too or if any of you have and can send me a link to your post, I would greatly appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I may have already shared this with you several times, but just in case I haven't, www.kellymom.com is the go to site for breastfeeding. It is chock full of all kinds of amazing breastfeeding info. It was always the first place I looked for any questions I had. Bookmark it for easy reference! :)

Shawna said...

Wow, lots of knowledge. That class sounds awesome. Hope you are doing well my friend, your maternity pics were very cute.
BTW- i am gonna be in st louis saturday, going to cardinal/cub game. Very excited!!

Krystie said...

very interesting. We are looking into bradly classes and signed up for Bfing classes. Love having you a few months ahead of me to answer any questions!

Liz said...

wow that's a lot of good info that I didn't know! Thanks for sharing!