Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Weeks Postpartum...

...can you believe AR is two weeks already?!? I'm loving my time at home with her but hating how fast it's going. I wanted to do a good, bad and the ugly type of post so that I could be real so here goes...

The Good
*Since I've had her, I've lost 20+ pounds! She was 8 pounds of it plus whatever my placenta was so basically I had probably 10-15 pounds of swelling plus some. I'm trying not to get on the scale but I was so curious!
*I can see my feet and my calves and it just makes me smile every time I see them!
*AR gets cuter and cuter every day and we're slowly seeing some of her personality come across. She's really good at pushing me away when I want a kiss and all she wants to do is eat, I ask her, "What? Are you preparing for middle school?" We catch a smile here and there and she's really good at sticking her tongue out at you when you do it to her first.
*AR is still getting showered with super cute girl clothes! There's NO way she'll be able to wear everything she's gotten but it's all so cute so we might just do a fashion show.
*We had her newborn pics yesterday with the talented Katie Beach. I didn't get quite all the poses/shots I wanted but when you're working with a baby, you'll take what you can get. I know they turned out SUPER cute so I can't WAIT to see how they turn out.
The Bad
*I'm still a leaky mess and my boobs are sore. I'm pretty sure my right breast was engorged some but it's much better now.
*The Targets and Babies-R-Us around here only carry medium breast shields, which is silly since that's the size that comes with the pump. So big boobie me hasn't pumped yet because I had to order them online. Hopefully, they'll arrive next Tuesday.
*Just when I think I can tell her "routine" she totally changes it up on me. It's so hard to keep her up during a feeding sometimes.
*The one thing I think I really miss the most is laying down in my bed and relaxing. Now when I lay down in my bed, I feel like I have to hurry and fall asleep because I know I'll be up in a couple hours to feed. Then when I get her back to bed, I lay down then about 5 minutes later, I get up to go check on her. I know it'll pass but I miss knowing my bed is a place to relax.
*Stretch marks, I got 'em, they're gross and I hope they go away-here's to cocoa butter!
The Ugly
*I'm an emotional WRECK! Seriously, I'm way more hormonal now than I EVER was while I was pregnant. I cry and cry and cry then I blow my nose and blow my nose and blow my nose. I seriously didn't know I could cry so much and so often!
*Matt is so in love with Autumn, it makes me love him even more but I miss the attention he used to give me. My favorite time of day with Matt is at night after I nurse her and I crawl back into bed, he pulls me close to him. I know it's just part of being emotional/hormonal.
*I had a bowel movement since I got home from the hospital but it was no picnic. The first couple were okay but then I got to a point where I was definitely constipated and only passing some here and there. I decided to take a stool softner...yeah, I took ONE and let's just say, it was no bueno.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly of postpartum. I'm sure there's more but I've had to write this post in waves, ie when I had time, so not all my thoughts are collected at once. Bottom line though, every part of it is 100% worthwhile and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Now who doesn't love a cute baby pic? Here's AR after her photo shoot yesterday, love the dress but she's a bit worn's tough work being so cute! Happy Two Weeks, Baby Girl!
Rabbit, rabbit!


Jill said...

Can't believe she's here! What a blessing!

I wanted to mention something to you... When my milk came in, I was wearing a 38E, so I'm fairly big breasted as well. My shields for pump are the standard and work great. It's not always about the size of your boob, but rather the size of your nipple and surrounding area. You might want to try your medium shields just to know that they would either work or be uncomfortable.

Also, if you nurse and you find that you still feel "full", I would pump it off. That way you don't feel that way. It will continue to tell your body to make that milk, but at least you could save it.

Lastly, I don't know when the emotions stop being so over powering but they will. It just takes time. I think it took me at least 4 weeks to finally get a grip! It's a crazy hormonal roller coaster... It's all good though!

Pamela said...

One thing I did not know is that the hospital can sell you breast feeding supplies. Actually, they are usually given to patients for free while in the hospital.

Jenni-Bee said...

I'm loving the postpartum info. I learned some of the what-to-expect in class and from reading, but it's great to hear someone talk about it firsthand.

I'm anxious to hear more about the pups and AR. :-)

Teenage Bride said...

she is too cute!!!!! Good for you for being so truthful!!

The hormonal phase will pass.

Shawna said...

Very cute pic of AR. She is so adorable. Cant wait to see the newborn professional pics. I dont have any postpartum advice to give, obviously, but I am always constipated. I know, TMI, but you were talking about your boobs. LOL Anyways, I eat fiber one bars and sometimes I use Benefiber. It is tasteless and disolves in anything. I usually put it in tea or soda and you dont even know its there. And it helps!!! I know, I am an old woman. But I seriously have a bad colon. Been hospitalized so that is what I was told would help keep me regular and would soften it up a bit so it didnt hurt so bad. There, many sentances about my poo. LMAO

Joanna said...

I took stool softerners for a bit (it really made me scared to do it after my c-section) & was advised by the doctors that it was okay. It took me 45 minutes to pee for the first time after having the boys because I didn't have all that pressure making me pee & it was almost like relearning how to do it.

Not sure when the hormones start subsiding but I am still an emotional mess at times. I think that's just from being a mom. I was always to get emotional anyways so that might help my situation more.

I agree with the first commentor about the breast pumps shields. The lactation consultant came in & looked at my nipples after I had already pumped & she said, "wow you need bigger shields". So I went through thinking that's what I needed. She should have seen me before I pumped because they become engorged & the standard ones were just fine (I had to rent mine so I had to buy all the accessories). Definitely store up that milk in the freezer. You can use it for all sorts of things (diaper rash, red eyes, etc) along with feeding. Once you get back to work & it'll be handy. My friend breastfed & pumped & only used her breasmilk up over a year (she would mix whole milk with some breastmilk until it was all gone)

Joanna said...

BTW the breastfeeding will really help continue dropping the pounds. I dropped my baby weight & then 20 pounds extra. After I stopped breastfeeding I gained the 20 pounds back (luckily didn't gain the baby weight back!)