Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AR's One Month Check-Up...

...whew! What a long day!!! AR had her one month check up today. Luckily, my dad came up and was able to go with me because Matt had to work. It was nice to have an extra pair of hands. AR is looking good and she did MUCH better this time only crying here and there vs when she went at 5 days and screamed the whole time. The office gave me a little sticker that said, "Growing Girl" and had her stats on it so I could put it in her baby book-what a great idea!!! I took a picture of her with it while she was drooling on the table but it's on my phone so I can't get it on my computer. :( It was a really good appointment for my little girl but I left upset due to discussion with the doctor about a certain topic. I hate when you have a good experience but then leave upset because of one little comment. Guess I need to learn to quit being so sensitive, huh?

Now on to the growth part!!!

May 18-20 inches
June 19-22 inches
75% percentile meaning she's above average

May 18-7.15 pounds (7.6 lbs at her 5 day check-up)
June 19-9.7 pounds
50% percentile meaning she's average which is a-okay because we don't want her to be overweight

Question I have for the mommas out there, when did you introduce a bottle when breastfeeding? We haven't yet. Doc said today that we could and should because the later you introduce it, the harder it'll be for her to take it. I don't want to mess up our BFing relationship by introducing the bottle but it's VERY important that she's good with the bottle because that's what she'll primarily be on come August when I go back to work. So any advice here on this topic would be gladly accepted!

Now on to even MORE exciting news!!! My mom FINALLY made me the Moby Wrap I'd been requesting. Not sure I can call it that since it's not officially one but you get the idea. I only tried it out for a second and I definitely need practice wrapping but here's what she looks like in it:

We cannot get this girl's hair under control! I comb it after every bath but it always ends up sticking straight up.
And within about two minutes, little girl was passed out!

Overall, she got a great report from the doctor which makes me one happy momma and I can't wait to start using my wrap-woohoo!!!


Christy said...

Love the wrap, and her sweet hair! Pretty soon you can put some bows in it!

I wish I'd introduced the bottle sooner, because I waited too long for #2 and #3. They never took it. So I'd start now!

Joanna said...

Everything I read said introduce it around 6 weeks but if you are going to be using it more than BF'ing I wouldn't wait too much longer. If she doesn't take to it right away keep at it. If it doesn't seem like she likes it, try a different bottle make. They're not all made alike (I did NOT like the AVENT bottles but that was just me - felt like they leaked too much) & babies take to different ones better.

Jenni-Bee said...

Look at all that hair!!! I'm loving it! And it's super cute all crazy too, so no worries there. :)