Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweet AR is 5 Weeks!!! little girl is 5 weeks old today!!! I already posted about her doctor's appointment so I'll just highlight some thoughts...

*She took her first bottle last night and did a great job! I have a post scheduled about it next week so stay tuned.

*I started thinking about work the other night and going back.'s still 7 weeks away but I'm dreading it. I don't want to leave my sweet baby. Sometimes during the day when she's fussy and fighting sleep, I'll pick her up and hold her until she drifts off. I know the sitter won't be able to do that and it breaks my heart. Enough on that topic, I don't want to think about it!

*This week, it seems like she'll be hungry, sleepy or fussy. It's like there's only 5-10 minutes that she's awake and not fussy. Once you hold her, or give her the boob, then she's okay. I'm assuming this is a growth spurt but it makes me stress out about taking her out in public after she's got her vaccines. What if she starts freaking out and crying? It's like I don't want to take her out in public! I'm even hesitate when people come over because I don't want her to be fussy and people leave and tell people she's a bad baby because she's fussy.

*I'm really starting to get attached (even more!) to this sweet, precious baby. Last Sunday, we took her to my MIL's for Father's Day and everyone wanted to hold her. When we got home and I finally got to hold her, I realized how much I'd missed her! Same feeling I had at our 1am feeding since Matt did the bedtime feeding.

*I bought myself a BELIEVE necklace after our first IVF didn't work. I put it on the day of my FET that I got pregnant with AR and I wore it every day of my pregnancy up until this past week. I decided it was time to pass it on to someone else who needed it so I'm mailing it to one of my friends whose going through IVF sometime later this year. I wanted to get a picture of AR with the necklace before I sent it on. I never got a super good one but I LOVE this one I snapped.
*AR has started drooling like crazy this week which I read is normal until they realize they can swallow their saliva.

*My mommy things I like to do: When I pick her up to walk with her, I like to put her arms on each side of my neck and act like she's hugging me. Sometimes when she's fussy or I'm in the shower and she starts to fuss, I'll start singing to her and if you know me, that isn't pretty but she seems to like it. She loves "Mary Had a Little Lamb" although I don't really know all the words so she gets mommy's version. I also sing to her Bieber's "Baby" but my tune goes, "Autumn's momma's baby, baby, baby..." H really liked it when she heard me singing it.
*Lately, she seems to be fussy more but when I lay her on the changing table she's happy as can be. I get smiles there and she looks around like crazy. This morning, I realized I had a headband to match her outfit so I pulled it out. When I put it on her, I started laughing like crazy. Does she not look like an '80s workout teacher?
*As for me, I've gotten the stool softened but every time I go, it flares up my hemmorroid and my butt hurts for the rest of the day. Last night, I was rolling around in bed for almost 2 hours in pain from it until I finally remembered to try out the ice pack and then I fell asleep shortly after that.

Aside from huge boobs and aching back, I'm feeling ready to workout but I don't have doc's release yet. My sore butt also makes walking a little rough but I roll with it. I go on July 2 so hopefully I'll get it then. I was doing really well going on walks but now that it's warmed up, I can't take AR so I can only go if Matt gets home in time to watch her while I go for a quick walk. Once I get the okay to workout then I'm hoping to do some abs and home circuits while she's sleeping, probably not too hardcore but it's something, right?

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Five Weeks Sweet Baby Girl!


Jenni-Bee said...

I'm jealous to hear how many weeks you are off work. My company only allows how many the doctor says is necessary. I know there's FMLA, but it's like there's some loophole.

I got all teary as usual reading your blogs... this time was the part about singing to AR. I also do not have a great singing voice, but I'm anxious to try it out on my babe.

Keep the posts coming! Loving them!!!

Samantha said...

Aww Love the post. Thanks for coming over to my blog. I don't get to blog much but you know how that can be with a little one. My daughter also loves when I sing to her. Sometimes that is the only way I can get her to sleep if she is really sleepy. AR is soo adorable by the way. Love hearing your updates on her.

Kim said...

Okay, I need to share something I just learned yesterday reading something on pinterest... Take a sanitary napkin and soak it down in witchhazel and freeze. When you need it, place it where you need it for hemorrhoid relief! Wish I would have known this when I had babies!!

Mary said...

She is absolutely adorable. I miss having a little, little baby! I was scared of going out in public too for fear of the baby crying. I had a lot of anxiety about leaving the house in general. It went away over time and I hope it does for you too.