Sunday, June 3, 2012

Having a Girl...

...sometimes I look at my sweet little AR and just laugh as I realize (again!) that she's a girl! When I first got pregnant, I knew I did not want to find out the sex but Matt did. Luckily, we compromised that we could share names if we didn't find out the sex. By the end of the pregnancy, Matt said he was glad we didn't find out the sex. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't do it any other way!

Like I told someone before she arrived who asked if we were being surprised, I said, "If it's a boy, we won't be surprised. Now if it's a girl, we'll be shocked!" And shocked we were! I think part of the fun was that we were "so sure" the baby was a boy so the fact that she was a girl was major shocker!!! Surprisingly, I thought it would be really hard NOT to find out but I was never really curious, probably because I just "knew" it was a boy.

I smile to myself when I think back to all my doctor's visits because I ALWAYS referred to the baby as he/him. My doc just smiled and nodded, she's got a great poker face. A couple nurses on the other hand kind of freaked out saying I thought you weren't finding out. I would tell them we weren't and you could see the relief on their face. I always told Matt either that means, "Thought you weren't finding out so how do you know it's a boy?" or "Oh crap, someone told her wrong!" Also, the receptionist had me fill out a form to have the "boy" circumsized. It's all just too funny!

Before I got pregnant and in the beginning, I really wanted a girl. Then I just got in my head that the baby was a boy and then I pictured our family as Matt, the pups, me and our "son." When Matt told me the baby was a girl, we were SHOCKED but seeing the look of love fill his face was awesome. One of the first things I said to him, "Now you're outnumbered!"

Honestly, the thought of a boy was a little intimidating because I don't know a whole lot about baby boys but I assumed I'd figure it out. A girl, I'm much more comfortable with and when she surprise pees on the changing pad, I don't think it's nearly as messy as when a boy would. :)

Of course, I'm sure down the road, we'll deal with girl drama, arguments over dating (Matt already has his friends lined up to sit on the front porch with shotguns when her boyfriends come over) and disagreements over clothes but I'm pretty thrilled and in love with my little girl.

Here's AR napping in her Boppy while I was putting clothes away. Doesn't she look like a little Queen Bee? I love this pic of her!!!


Julie said...

My friends had their baby on Thursday and they were in the same boat as you, not finding out (but they did not share names either) and thought it was a boy (first grandbaby of his family and they wanted someone to carry on the family name for family business reasons) and surprise it was a girl!

Joanna said...

Girls are so fun! I'm very jealous :)

Mary said...

I was sure I was having a boy too. So much for mother's intuition. I am terrified of puberty. But until then, I will just enjoy her and our relationship:)

Kristal said...

I love this post. :)

Our experiences were so similar - part of what made not finding out with Isaac so fun was that we were SO SURE he was a girl. That shock factor at the end was awesome. And this time around, I really have no clue, so I think it will be fun again!