Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Newborn Pics...

...before AR arrived, I knew that I wanted some personalized, creative newborn pics. When I searched Pinterest, I found quite a few but not many under "newborn camo photos" or "creative newborn pics." So I've uploaded quite a few of AR's on Pinterest to help some other people.

When Katie arrived, I told her that I wanted to do the typical newborn pics first. That way if the personalized ones didn't work then we'd at least have some regular ones to fall back on. Good idea because she was getting a little cranky towards the end so the Cardinal ones didn't turn out that great but they're all still really cute.

Here's AR's camo pics, I meant to put a pink bow in her hair during these to make sure you could tell she was a girl but by this point, that was the last thing on my mind. This is daddy's work boot and camo jacket.
Laying on daddy's camo jacket
This one was for Papa
Remember I told my dad that I was pregnant at the World Series? My mom crocheted the little headband and it has a baseball on it instead of a flower. Can't wait to take her to her first Cards game...maybe this fall?
Now this I saw on Pinterest, on the right is a pic of me during my "maternity shoot" and on the left is AR wrapped up in my shirt. I think the ones of her wrapped up in my shirt turned out the best and we caught her smiling too.

There were a ton more pics I wanted to do, like some with the dogs, but when you're working with a two week old, you take what you can get! I'm hoping this fall when she's holding her head up that maybe we can do a family shoot. I'm wanting to do a collage of her pics in our living room like we did for our wedding pics. Now off to pick out my favorites to put in that collage!


Julie said...

Cute!! I didn't pay much attention to pinterest when i was planning a wedding and I'm kicking myself for some of that. But when it comes baby time, I'm all over it and since you all are having babies before me, it gives me ideas ;)

Joanna said...

So cute! I never thought to figure out what shots I wanted before hand. But we were also working with 3 one month olds in between feedings so we kinda just did whatever the photographer had thought of. Looking back I wish I had done some with us but I needed a shower & Mike needed a shave that day lol.
What beautiful pictures & memories to have of your little girl :)