Monday, November 17, 2008

Bambi... in my fridge! I know some you think that's sad but, honestly, when you're on a budget then its great! We got a cooler full of deer burger, deer steaks, roasts and all for the low cost of $8!!! (An anterless deer tag $7 and the bullet $1...gun and all the fun stuff included doesn't count since its been over the years of accumulation, gifts or hand-me-downs). Matt's family owns 80+ acres on a farm land where his grandparents used to live. We all trucked out there (his mom, dad, brother, sister and the two of us) Friday night, got up early Saturday for biscuits and gravy (homemade-yum!) then they all headed out. Star and I went back to sleep for a little cat nap but it wasn’t long before John came back with the first deer of the day! Around 11ish, Matt got the second deer and we started to butcher them. That afternoon, I went out in a stand with Matt and I saw THREE deer! I was very proud of myself 1) I saw the first deer before Matt 2) I saw the second one and Matt didn’t because he was positioned weird and 3) I didn’t complain about being bored, cold or anything! His sister got a deer on Sunday then we headed back home. It was a long weekend and I actually had a really good time! Thank you to my husband for having the patience to take me out this weekend. I love when we teach and share our interests with each other.

Here is my husband heading out to hunt

Here I am with Matt's sister, Elizabeth heading out Saturday afternoon (don't I look official)

Here's my hub and I in our tree stand before we had to "be still and don't move"

I'm looking forward to our deer steak dinner tonight!


Anonymous said...

Again, opening weekend is for staying home and doing girlie things...NOT for joining the boys! :)

And do you like deer? Chad loves it, but I can't stand it. We've still got deer in our deep freezer from last year so who knows what we're gonna do with all the deer meat from this year's deer.

Kat Fish said...

I admire your cheapness lyssie. I just can't bring myself to eat poor little bambi. I don't know why cuz I sure don't mind eating Ms Moo. :-(
I really got on here to say how cute you guys are. sooooo cute.