Sunday, November 9, 2008

KC Y'all...

...KC y'all! Mattie and I took a road trip to KC. We got to our friends' house around noon and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. Then Candace got home from class to tell me that our friend Kristin got engaged!!! So Candace and I spent the afternoon with Kristin watching her try on wedding dresses while the boys went to the Toby Keith Bar at Harrah's, ate sardines and mustard and then got some beer to tide them over until we got home. Matt got some Red Stripe to relive our honeymoon. As we were leaving the Bridal Mansion, Candace and I saw this interesting ad hanging up to sell a wedding dress and we couldn't pass up the photo op:

That night, we went to the Power and Light District for drinks and dinner. We had dinner at Chef Burger and then grabbed a couple of drinks at the Flying Saucer.

Candace and Chad

My husband and I

We left the Flying Saucer and went to a little pizza and beer joint called Grinders. Matt decided to try out some new beers. The first beer Matt had was Flying Monkey Four Finger Stout made in KS. He said it was good but his favorite Old #38 Stout.

After splitting a pitcher of Natty Light with Candace (we were trying to be cheap dates), I decided to try a new beer too. I had Ace Hard Pear Cider from CA. I love cider beers!!!

So that concludes our trip to KC!!! We left KC after Candace made us homemade biscuits with "snoozberry" jam made by Chad's mom! Next weekend starts hunting season and I'll be a deer season widow. Tomorrow, I have to take Matt to the Pain Clinic for his back so think good things so his back gets better.

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LucyinStLou said...

Oh my gosh that first pic cracked me up! I hope that Matt's back feels better.