Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pictures, anyone...

...okay so I finally picked out some of my fave and have uploaded them for your enjoyment. I finished our wedding album last night and now I'm not so sure about the cover color I picked. OH WELL! Enjoy and please leave comments.

Here I am in the vineyard before the wedding

My grand entrance on the slowest horse EVER

My husband testing my trust in him within moments of saying I do

Eskimo kiss!

Here are our blue eyes pics

Kissin' my husband in the vineyard

Sand ceremony, we are smiling because we thought they might overflow

Us at the altar

Our delicious yummy cake that was gone but no one got a piece of


Just in my short month and a half of marriage, I've learned that every day is a learning experience and that you have to work HARD at your relationship. I love my Mattie and thank God for every day I have with him.


LucyinStLou said...

What gorgeous pictures!

João Barciela said...

hellllo from portugal! ;)
happy christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!

Cecilia said...

Your pictures are awesome! The last one is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures, and I LOVE the cake!