Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a dreary day...

…so I thought I’d relive some of our honeymoon for all of us! The Saturday of our trip, we took an excursion on an ocean catamaran. It was awesome aside from both of us getting burnt to a crisp. We went out in the ocean and got out to snorkel. Then we got back on the catamaran and rode to a private beach, Half Moon Beach, where we had a Jamaican style bbq complete with jerk chicken. Matt decided to snorkel some more while I watched a soccer game and took in the view. While he was snorkeling, he found some squid that he showed me. At first, he wasn’t for sure but then he threw a rock in their direction and they squirted out ink-gross! It was awesome just like the rest of the trip! Enjoy the pics!!!

Here is a small starfish Matt on top of a piece of coral that we brought home with us. It now resides in our front garden...yes, it was legal!

Here is a sand dollar...they are pretty cool before they fall apart.

Here's Matt saying, "It's all good!"

I don't know what these things are but what a great pic!

Here's my husband and I at Half Moon Beach!
Wow...what a great honeymoon! I can't wait for our one year anniversary trip! Happy Thursday everyone!


LucyinStLou said...

Great pics! Thanks for livening up a rainy day.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! And I'm pretty sure those black things are sea urchins.