Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet Night... last night we went to Kristen and Soup's wedding. I love going back to Joe Town where I went to college, it brings back so many memories and such great times. I love hanging out with Candace and Chad, they always crack us up and no matter what sitaution we're in, it is ALWAYS a good time!!! Here are just a few pics from the night.

Now future brides out there, let me give you a little advice. Cupcakes as your center pieces are bad, bad ideas. I mean all the guests walked into the reception and you could tell that we all had the same thought, "I would love to smash this cupcake in my spouse's face!" Candace and I discussed it all night but knew that we'd be in BIG trouble with the hubs if we did. Towards the end of the night though, I just couldn't resist! I got a little bit of icing and put it on Matt's nose! He wasn't upset about it but I could tell he was going to get revenge. He got a cupcake and tried to do it to me but I had my face blocked with my hands then I spread my fingers to peak and he was eating the cupcake so I couldn't resist and so I gave his hand a little nudge and got him again!!!

Alright, so then big mouth me is braggin' to one of my sorority sisters about it and then out of nowhere, her boyfriend (who I haven't seen in 5 years nor was I ever really tight with him) SMASHES an entire cupcake right in my face...eyes, nose, EVERYWHERE!!! We were all SHOCKED!!! I was laughing, almost couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard then I looked at Matt whose jaw had dropped to the floor and eyes were bugging out of his head and I could tell he thought I was about to morph into mega-bitch. He immediately started wiping off my face but I knew deep down he was really laughing inside (which he admitted today). Well, if anyone knows me then you know I wasn't about to me one-upped so I got Matt and Candace involved in my sneak attack and got the guy back hard core by total surprise!!! Revenge is sweet...literally in this situation!!!


Angie said...

OMG that's insane. Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

Cecilia said...

:) Sorry you got caked. I would have sooooo done this to my hubby.