Friday, July 31, 2009

Premium Meme Award...

...woohoo! I got an award. It is the Premium Meme 2009 Award! I received this award from A Day in the Hay. So thank you thank you thank you!

"To accept this award, the recipient must list 7 traits about themselves and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog."

1. Organized yet messy- I am the most organized person. I love to plan...sometimes months in advance but if you look at my desk at work=its a disaster! While some people might not thing I'm organized at first site, I can still find anything I need. During my wedding shower, they asked Matt questions and I had to give the answer. One was, what is the one trait you really like about Alyssa? His answer: my organizational skills!

2. Fair- I believe strongly in always being fair. I'm the type of supervisor that gives credit when credit is due. For example, I can think of a couple of times that someone suggested an idea to me then I in turn suggested it in a management meeting. Everyone then thought it was a great idea and right away I say whoever thought it up.

3. Nervous Nellie- I am constantly nervous all the time about anything and everything. It's craziness!?!

4. Prompt- This might go along with organized but I'm the type of person that gets a wedding invitation in the mail and sends back the RSVP card the same day.

5. Turning into an introvert- Those of you that have known me forever may be saying WHAT!?! But it's true, I no longer am the center of attention at get-togethers, I like to sit back and take in what everyone else is saying. I rarely talk to random people I don't know. I guess I'm just growing up...who knows?

6. Family person- Family always comes first with me.

7. Creative- Most of the time, I'm pretty creative. However, I'm at a point in my life that when I go to paint-your-own pottery stores (which I LOVE), I have to ask myself where am I, or whoever I'm making this for, going to put this. I've turned into a practical person lately-so there's two traits for one!

Here are my tags:

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And anyone else that would like to participate!!! Happy Friday everyone!


Angie said...

Awesome post! Thanks for tagging me! I heart you and think you're neato. weeee! Happy friday beyotch!

Cecilia said...

I am always nervous too! Everybody says I am crazy. LOL. I don't think so though.