Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3 & 4: Florida... on Day 3, we headed to Cedar Keys in hopes of seeing how clams were collected and fixed to be sold. Needless to say, we didn't find it BUT we did find a cute little broadwalk and got some cute pics. Here is a Christmas tree made out of a fish net.
Here is a pic of Mattie and I on the dock with the gulf behind us
Holy seagulls!!! and cranes and herons and whatever kind of bird you could think of.
We heard about this house that had a great light display so we decided to hunt it out and oh, we found it, you couldn't miss it! It was this German guy who put up over 100,000+ lights on his house, he had an ice rink, snowman area, Santa's was amazing! He even gave away free hot chocolate and cookies. You could make a donation to help pay for his electric bill but he didn't ask, it was just a little jar with the hot chocolate. He said it took him 3 months to put it up and two months to put it! This was very impressive.
On Day 4, it was Matt's big fishing trip. Here's a pic of us waiting for Captain Ron and Captain Kevin (Capt Kevin was very cute!).

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this picture!!! Matt looks so studly in it...okay, enough oogling. Matt didn't catch anything, he said he'd hooked a stingray and fought with it for about 15 minutes before it broke his line. He was the trip was awesome and Captain Ron told him he could go for free next time since he didn't catch anything so now Matt keep asking when we're going to plan the trip again!
We went to Dan's Clam Stand for dinner where everyone ate oysters (gross!) but they all loved them.

And that my friends, concludes our trip. I already posted about NYE and on New Year's Day we all just chilled around the house then we decided to go to the movie. Matt, my mom and her friend Roger went to see "Avatar" in 3D and they said it was awesome. They also all walked out of the theater with little marks on the bridge of their noses from the glasses! Sheila, Pat and I went to see "Up in Air" which is now one of my most favorite movies. Great, great movie! I also read most of "Lamb" while I was there...its good but not what I was expecting. I agree with Faith (I think she's the one who said this) that it would be a little funnier if I remembered more stories from the Bible. So all in all, it was a great, relaxing trip...OH! I almost forgot, when we got back to Cape at my mom's house she found water all in her basement....yeah, Matt had left the water on outside at her house from December 24-January awesome trip, major hiccup when we got home though. Anyways, that concludes Florida!!!


Faith said...

Loved Lamb, but yeah, it helped having my pastor's son husband around for when I had questions.

Cecilia said...

The house reminds me of a family back in IL that goes ALL out. They even renamed their street to Christmas Lane.

Mrs. Fabulous said...

Looks like fun!

Ii LOOOOVE raw oysters! MMMMmmm!