Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Third and Final Christmas of '09...in 10...

...this past Sunday, we had our third and FINAL Christmas of 2009...but in 2010. It was with Matt's mom's side of the family. This Christmas is primarily about the kids but surprisingly we got a couple gifts too! I am very excited about my PINK wool socks...that'll come in handy next deer season and my PINK Budweiser hat....that you Aunt Jessie, Uncle Phil and the kiddos! We also got a candy cane full of Hershey kisses but I took both mine and Matt's to work so we wouldn't it. Unfortunately, the chocolate Santa Clauses didn't make it...blame Matt not me!

One of my "New Year's resolutions" was to lose 25 pounds before I can have desserts, fast food, sodas or alcohol. So far so good....none of that and in the first week, I have lost! WOOHOO! Of course, it was probably the salt from all the fried seafood we ate in Florida...but, it's a loss, so I'll take it. One of the ladies I work with made me a workout plan that I start next Monday...it's going to be hard...very hard, which is just what I need. I'll keep ya'll updated.

I only snagged a couple of shots on Sunday. I have been major under the weather lately and I just wasn't up to a lot of socializing and sticking my camera in people's faces. I did sneak these two which I think are hilarious!

Here is Matt and Devin (Devin is Eva's big brother). Devin was being a stinker and pickin' on Matt.

So for the last time of 2009, Merry Christmas!


Meredith said...

Holy cow...you have a lot of restraint to stop soda, desserts, alcohol, and fast food all at once! I admire your self- control!

Mrs. Fabulous said...

Good luck on your plan! Just remember not to restrict yourself from all things you like. (Just speaking from experience!)

I left u a little shout out on my blog today! :)

Mary said...

I agree-I could never give up those things, especially alcohol and Diet Coke! Good luck with your weight loss plan!

Faith said...

Yay on the loss! It's tough, but hang in there!