Friday, January 8, 2010

Homosassa Springs Animal Pics...

...this post is dedicated to the animals of Homosassa Springs. First up is Hippo Lu, Lu is NOT native to Florida but this spot was originally a zoo. Well when they sold it, the couldn't find a home for Lu so they decided to let her stay. Lu will be celebrating her birthday, maybe 50th soon so they are all very excited for her, just watch out for her splatter zone.

There were manatees all over the place! I kept telling Matt and my mom that I'd done a report on manatees in 4th grade. They are the smallest eyes ever. Here is a picture of one of them swimming by the underwater aquarium.

Help! I saw so many manatees that I turned into one!!!
Look at those gator's teeth-yikes!

He slithered right on shore to enjoy the sunlight while we were there (it was fenced in of course).
Here's an owl that made me think of how Kristal is decorating her baby room. I was contemplating bringing one back for the nursery...

This little guy was trying to dig out of his cage! He wasn't successful while we were there.

My mom fell in love with the flamingos. Their necks were so flippin' long!!!

Matt's favorite-the bald eagle. He was pretty awesome but I think he had a bad wing.

If you're ever in the area, I would HIGHLY recommend this was awesome!


Cecilia said...

Bald eagles are so beautiful. We want to go up and watch them some time. I've heard it's pretty neat.

Stephany said...

Wow, those are some crazy pictures of the alligators! How neat!